Anne Roos reaches an epiphany

The Barbie™ sales distribution data downloaded slowly onto the company computer. I stared blankly at the never-ending rows of numbers appearing on the screen. This is how I began every day in my cubicle at Mattel Toy Company, logging in to view statistics upon arrival at my desk at 9 am, Monday through Friday. My […]

Harpist Anne Roos Performs in Which Hotel Lobby?

So many assume that my favorite thing to do is to listen to harp music. Are you kidding?  I love playing the harp, and the instrument is part of me. But I don’t crave attending harp performances, collecting harp recordings, and listening to harp music on the radio or Pandora. I’ve played the harp for over […]

Harpist Anne Roos sends positive white light

“Tell me about school,” my grandmother said when I was a teenager visiting her home. She listened attentively, nodded, and responded, “Just be happy!” I often use this mantra when I’m playing the harp, injecting the music with good feelings. But sometimes these simple instructions are hard to follow. Have you ever gone through a spell when the […]

Anne Roos Performing at Somerset Folk Harp Festival

I love the word, “Play”. The musical meaning of it is “to perform”, but it means so much more. It’s a magical word that opens up doors. Doesn’t playing also mean having fun? Play involves many types of activities, from taking the ball in a sport, to frolicking with children, to a theatrical performance. Play is also […]

Grammy® Award Show Marquee

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harp!” I get asked this all the time when I’m performing. My response is, “You can! You can take up the harp right now.” The typical reaction is a shake of the head and a […]

Executive Chef Boomer Acuña, of Zephyr Cove Restaurant, is moving on, and I’ll miss him. He’s off to a new job, and he’s part of a legion of unique individuals who totally gets it–The harp is not boring. No one actually told me, in so many words, that the harp is a yawn fest, but […]

Anne Roos' harp in the Recording Studio

I get asked this question whenever I’m ready to record new tracks, and it’s tough to summarize an answer. Perhaps Grammy® nominated classical music producers Victor and Marina Ledin put it best: “It’s like entering a submarine for the day. No phone calls, no doing business. Just concentrating on playing as perfectly as possible. You […]