My Gift for First Responders–A Free Concert!

2022 Update: Yes, the special mini-concert listed below remains FREE for every first responder. Just email me (click on the email link at the upper right hand corner of this page) and I’ll give you a coupon code to watch and enjoy.

Now back to the original article from last year, fall of 2021:

I evacuated for 3 weeks from the Caldor wildfire, burning out of control here in South Lake Tahoe. I’m back home, but I’m still suffering from what I call the “Bambi Complex”, a strange form of PTSD where any hot, windy day, packing and unpacking for vacation, and the hum of a helicopter, or an emergency vehicle siren will cause me to panic. I’m sure it will dissipate as time goes on and the memory of loading up a U-Haul truck with harps, business equipment, and prized possessions under a hellish red night sky will fade into memory.

Thank you, written in the sand on the beachPlease attend my special mini-concert at, FREE for those wonderful first responders who comment below with a request for the coupon code (I’ll send it off to them). And free for my generous patrons at You can become a patron, too, for just $5 per month and see all my livestreams for free. Join at

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And now, a little break–A video of juvenile elephant seals playing in the surf from my recent vacation to the Central Coast of California (where I discovered my “Bambi Complex” for packing and unpacking):