Harp Superhero

Like superheros, harpists swoop down to save the day. We appear as if from nowhere, brandishing an instrument that has the power to alter mood and atmosphere. We look like your ordinary Clark Kent until we wield our harps and go out into the world to do good! Harpists may be as rare as other […]

Anne Roos Performing at Somerset Folk Harp Festival

I love the word, “Play”. The musical meaning of it is “to perform”, but it means so much more. It’s a magical word that opens up doors. Doesn’t playing also mean having fun? Play involves many types of activities, from taking the ball in a sport, to frolicking with children, to a theatrical performance. Play is also […]

Executive Chef Boomer Acuña, of Zephyr Cove Restaurant, is moving on, and I’ll miss him. He’s off to a new job, and he’s part of a legion of unique individuals who totally gets it–The harp is not boring. No one actually told me, in so many words, that the harp is a yawn fest, but […]