Harp Superhero

Like superheros, harpists swoop down to save the day. We appear as if from nowhere, brandishing an instrument that has the power to alter mood and atmosphere. We look like your ordinary Clark Kent until we wield our harps and go out into the world to do good! Harpists may be as rare as other […]

Anne Roos reaches an epiphany

The Barbie™ sales distribution data downloaded slowly onto the company computer. I stared blankly at the never-ending rows of numbers appearing on the screen. This is how I began every day in my cubicle at Mattel Toy Company, logging in to view statistics upon arrival at my desk at 9 am, Monday through Friday. My […]

Harpist Anne Roos sends positive white light

“Tell me about school,” my grandmother said when I was a teenager visiting her home. She listened attentively, nodded, and responded, “Just be happy!” I often use this mantra when I’m playing the harp, injecting the music with good feelings. But sometimes these simple instructions are hard to follow. Have you ever gone through a spell when the […]