CD Books by Harpist Anne Roos

We live in contentious times. Friendships can be blown to smithereens by holding a contrary political stance or religious belief, carrying strong social opinions, or simply disagreeing about whether the earth is round or flat. Is there a way to hold a healthy conversation while accepting differences, understanding that we are good human beings behind […]

Peacock showing beautiful plumage

Regardless of whether I’m sitting behind my harp or not, I’m not allowed to have a “bad hair day”. I’ve got to look simply mahvelous, dahling, whenever I walk out the front door. I can’t look out-of-sorts even when I’m puttering around town grocery shopping, visiting the bank, and running other mundane errands. Am I […]

Harpist Anne Roos Performs in Which Hotel Lobby?

So many assume that my favorite thing to do is to listen to harp music. Are you kidding?  I love playing the harp, and the instrument is part of me. But I don’t crave attending harp performances, collecting harp recordings, and listening to harp music on the radio or Pandora. I’ve played the harp for over […]

Grammy® Award Show Marquee

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harp!” I get asked this all the time when I’m performing. My response is, “You can! You can take up the harp right now.” The typical reaction is a shake of the head and a […]

Executive Chef Boomer Acuña, of Zephyr Cove Restaurant, is moving on, and I’ll miss him. He’s off to a new job, and he’s part of a legion of unique individuals who totally gets it–The harp is not boring. No one actually told me, in so many words, that the harp is a yawn fest, but […]