Recording livestream on stage

I am overwhelmed. I’ve got to get rolling on the livestreaming bandwagon, but I don’t know where to start. Sure, I could just sit in front of my iPhone, press the red video record button, and upload a livestream to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. […]

Harp Superhero

Like superheros, harpists swoop down to save the day. We appear as if from nowhere, brandishing an instrument that has the power to alter mood and atmosphere. We look like your ordinary Clark Kent until we wield our harps and go out into the world to do good! Harpists may be as rare as other […]

Harpist Anne Roos Performs in Which Hotel Lobby?

So many assume that my favorite thing to do is to listen to harp music. Are you kidding? I love playing the harp, and the instrument is part of me. But I don’t crave attending harp performances, collecting harp recordings, and listening to harp music on the radio or Pandora. I’ve played the harp for […]