All The World’s A Stage–And I’m Bringing the Performance to You!

I am overwhelmed. I’ve got to get rolling on the livestreaming bandwagon, but I don’t know where to start. Sure, I could just sit in front of my iPhone, press the red video record button, and upload a livestream to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Shakespeare with Computer
All the world’s a stage? Even Sir William Shakespeare would be perplexed about how to livestream a performance to you.

When I am recording a music track, I can’t just flip on GarageBand and expect to have a professional recording of sublime harp music that I can release proudly for play on Pandora and sell on Amazon. Through years of experience, I’ve learned that the best recordings involve a professional recording studio and a team consisting of sound pros—a recording and mastering engineer and a producer—and post-production pros—a physical and digital distributor, and a package/cover designer.

I have no such experience with livestreaming, and I’ve got to climb this steep learning curve FAST. I need your input. The state that the world is in today has all but killed any possibility of live performances (except for proposals, elopements, and small parties of under seven attendees where I can play six feet away for proper safe distancing). Alas, most performances are no longer in-person and are beamed to you exclusively on the Internet.

My heart goes out to all those who scheduled big dream weddings, awards presentations, concerts, expos, receptions, and special events during March, April, and May. I know you feel crushed that the coronavirus ruined your best-laid plans. But please don’t throw in the towel and cancel your event. Don’t give up!!! Please postpone your wedding or special event to another date or wait to make a final decision, if at all possible. When you cancel, all of your event service providers, including me, do not necessarily have the funds to return your deposits, because in these COVID-19 times, we have no work coming in.

Letter to Wedding Couples
Contact me immediately to schedule harp music for your new special day.

When I started this blog, I promised to never post any Debbie Downer negativity here. And true to my word, I am not. I am very grateful that some of my clients are postponing, rather than canceling their springtime weddings and events. I am so very fortunate that three of my sweet patrons came forward, of their own volition, to pay me to perform private, live, online performances. Thank you, Charles, Joseph, and Evon, for your kind generosity. And you can have your own private concert, too–Just contact me!

But where do I start? The plethora of online platforms are a confusing maze to sort out, and I could easily go overboard purchasing all the hardware and software recommended to make a video concert experience look professional. Sure, I could get impatient and post live concerts that disappoint, with poor sound, dropped connections, questionable privacy, and grainy and bouncing videos. You wouldn’t want to pay for this kind of experience, and I’d be embarrassed to ask you to do so.

I’m out to prove that “all the world’s a stage,” and deliver a fantastic interactive show to you, wherever you may be. My goal is to personally deliver out-of-the-box experiences that you’ll be talking about for days, weeks, and months after you attend.

Imagine harp music and more delivered to wherever you roam with your computer and smartphone. Here are some of my ambitious ideas:

  • How about Insomniac Harp Hour, a concert performed at odd hours of the night containing calming visualization cues with the live music?
  • Or would you tune in for Sunday Harp Music in the Bakeshop, where I provide the musical accompaniment to my husband, the man who was born to bake?
  • Or how about a Wedding Wednesday Pow-Wow, chocked full of wedding advice and more, along with a live harp performance of selections to fit your music theme?
  • Some of you know I am a martial artist—Maybe I can wrap a music theme around Kata Talk?
  • Or maybe you’d just like to join a Tea Time With Anne interactive chat experience, where you can settle in with your cup of tea or coffee and shoot the breeze with me—Talk about music inspirations, how to get creative, and whatever positive goodness you have on your mind.

Please comment below and answer these questions:

  • Do you have ideas for me? What kinds of concerts and interactive chats would you pay to join me?
  • What combination of special incentives would make you jump to attend? Recipes? Sheet music? Wedding music ideas and and wedding advice articles? T-shirts imprinted with my gorgeous album artwork?
  • Which platforms do you like for viewing live concerts? Did you need to download an app to get started?
  • And web-savvy musicians, here are my questions for you: Have you figured out a model for monetizing your streams? Do you have your gear and software dialed in to look and sound professional? What kinds of mikes, apps, and other gizmos do you recommend? Have you found shortcuts to make this massive task of filming, marketing, and monetizing your livestreams a breeze?

Here’s where I am in this process:

  1. Stay tuned for my upcoming launch of my  Patreon page! It will be the home of all the info about my upcoming livestreams. I’ll include the link here shortly. Join my Patreon page, and you’ll get a 100% discount off of my private concerts.
  2. I welcome your generous donations through and Venmo app in exchange for attending these live concerts and cool bonus swag. Or contact me and I’ll give you my mailing address if you prefer to send a good ol’ fashioned check.
  3. I’d love to play a private concert for you and your friends. Get in touch, and we’ll make it happen.

My first livestreaming harp concerts are right around the corner, and I need your help. Share your ideas with me now in the comment section below. (Please no sales pitches or links to unsavory corners of the ‘net.)

Post your cool ideas, and I’ll send you a harp music album download of your choice AND a free ticket to an upcoming virtual concert. Because I need your suggestions ASAP, I’ll close down this comment section in one week’s time.

All the world’s a stage. Are you ready to sit back and be entertained by Grammy® Award winning harp music? (Yep, that’s me.) I’m ready to bring that performance to you. Add your comment today and be the first to see my online concerts soon!


  1. I like the Date/Time Themed ideas
    Like the
    Sunday Sleep in Harp Show
    Friday Harp Brews Power Hour
    (Rock n Roll on Celtic Harp w/ a wee Stout or Harp!
    Or a Dram the Virus (bit a Scotch, Give a Dram!
    Just think they would even be fun to record as mini “live” gigs thank folks could ease outta tension
    ALSO make it easy for someone to Pay a Concert Forward –
    Strung Out? Need a Break? I’m Harping At You!

    • Oh I love these ideas, Joseph!!! Oooo, how would someone “pay a concert forward”? Such a cool concept. First private livestream concert to a private audience is this Saturday…Gettin’ the bugs out before it becomes real. You just got yourself a free album download from me and a free ticket to an upcoming virtual concert…I’ll be texting ya to find out which download you’d like. Strung out? Yes, but I’m a plucky person and will get over it 🙂

  2. Hi Anne! Loving all your ideas here. If you’d be interested in trying it out, many of my colleagues who work at a platform called Twitch have mentioned an uptick in musicians streaming, and I think your ideas in the ‘ambitious’ section would be a great fit to build an audience (Sunday Harp Music in the Bakeshop and Tea Time/Wedding chats could be a big hit!) Twitch is free-to-join and revenue is donation-based until you reach certain criteria in hours streamed/viewers reached etc. After that, you can join as an affiliate and avail of features like subscriptions and pay-to-view content. I recently read a pretty good article about it here if you wanted to learn more:

    I’ve also seen quite a few people throwing ‘virtual engagement parties’ via platforms like Zoom, so this is definitely something I think people would be interested in if they knew it was available (especially with your gorgeous playing). Maybe offering an interview with article writers at wedding sites like The Knot or Wedding Wire with your wedding tips from a vendor perspective would be a great place to gain exposure for spouses-to-be!

    Regardless, so many of your fans and students are rooting for you, myself included. Looking forward to our upcoming lessons, and take care out there!

    • Wow, those are great ideas, Ally! I’ll check out the link…I am thinking of adding another web page on this site that contains virtual performances. I think that virtual engagement parties would be a big hit, even after this coronavirus thing is over, and it would be cool to include that. Thank you so much for rooting for me. I really appreciate it <3
      In the meantime, you'll certainly get a free ticket to an upcoming virtual concert, and I'll include details about selecting a free album download when I email your harp lesson assignment. 🙂

  3. I would opt for Gift Card personal concerts. We are being asked to reach out to folks we haven’t connected with for a long time. To do a gift card (meaning prepay you for a half hour concert) I would tell the person I am gifting that you will be in touch to set up a day/time/special song requests.
    Margi Miller

    • That’s a lovely idea. Sort of like the “pay it forward” idea from Joseph Carter below, correct? I’ll be in touch via email with your free download info and will send you a free ticket to an upcoming concert! Thank you again, Margi 🙂

  4. How about “Throwback Thursday, with old music, like what’s on the BlueJeans CD. Encourage everyone to dress in their groovy best, man!

    • Hi Peggy! I love it, and I particularly love the idea of requesting everyone dress in their groovy best. Right on! I’ll email you with details about your free album download and will include you on the list for a free ticket to an upcoming harp concert!

  5. Sounds great at this time in our experience, maybe sell tickets on Amazon they do so much and everyone uses them especially now.

    • Hi Mary! That’s a great idea, but I’m not sure how to sell livestreaming concert tickets on I only know how to sell merchandise there (physical CDs and music downloads). Have you seen concert tickets sold there? If so, please send me a link where you see that being done. I’ll be in touch via email with info about a free album download and your free ticket to an upcoming livestreamed concert 🙂

  6. Boy am I out of my realm on this one, but here goes.

    Insomniac harp hour: this has possibilities. I can see people willing to pay for this, but would it be a one time deal or something the person could use over and over again.

    Harp Music in the Bake Shop: Not sure about this one. Interactive baking? It would have to be something very unique with a new technique for me to want to do a class. It would be easier from your kitchen than via internet as the person would have to have everything ready in advance.

    Wedding Wednesday Pow-Wow: i think there is a need for wedding planning and certainly a need for one coordinator. How is this different than what you already do?

    Martial Arts: Way out of my realm, but could be creative.

    Tea time: Sounds fun. It may be something you could tap into through a church or women’s club, maybe even a Mother Daughter Tea at a sorority. Don’t rule out Girl Scouts although they may be on a tight budget.

    With our current situation, is there a way for you to tap into homeschooling a special assembly. Not sure how you would market it other than through facebook. Others may know better. I know when my niece came in with “The Beast” my class loved it. Is there are homeschool networks that you could possibly contact. How many families would you need? Cost per family?

    I hope this is helpful. I really don’t know anything about how to view a concert. Ot what is needed.

    • Love your comments (but they didn’t show up on my blog). My quick responses: The insomniac harp hour would serve people around the world who can’t tune in live in the U.S., plus, it would help those insomniacs in the U.S. get some sleep 🙂

      I think the Bake Shop idea would simply be me, playing along to John’s cooking or baking, and I would cut over to what he was doing from time to time, and post the finished product photo later. Just music to back to 🙂

      I don’t pretend to be a wedding coordinator—It would just be a special concert and pow-wow designed for couples getting married. Answer their wedding music questions, etc. If it got popular, I could figure out how to split screen with a coordinator on later concerts.

      I don’t know about homeschooling a special assembly. It’s a cool idea, but that stuff goes through principals, heads of church, etc. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to get in touch with those folks. I could do a 30-minute kids thing, but that’s tough, because it’s so dependent upon the age of the children. If it’s geared for tiny tikes, older kids would be bored/insulted. When I do assemblies (the non-COVID 19 way), the assemblies are always geared towards particular ages and geared towards types of classes. For instance, if high-school aged kids are doing the Renaissance period in history, I tie the lesson plan into that.

      I also came up with the idea “Rock Your Hump Day”, a Wednesday concert featuring only rock? If that title is too cheesy, I’ll think of something else. Or maybe a “Movie Memory Monday”, a Monday concert featuring only movie music.

      It all sounds too ambitious, but I think that if I only plan on one concert per week, and I mix these up, it’s do-able.

      What do you think?

      Thank you so much for your ideas and feedback! I’m sending you via email info about your free album download and will get you in on a free livestream concert, too!

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